In the equine and animal market world often contracts are sealed verbally with the classic handshake.
Consequently, in case of disagreements, the two parts are involved in legal battles often lasting a long time.
For many reasons, animal buyers and sellers often refuse the idea of using written contracts.
One of the several erroneous considerations is that a contract is a waste of time.
In fact the time and the reasonable costs associated to the compilation of a contract with the help of a trusted lawyer are a little price to pay in comparison to the problems that may arise without this thorough approach.

In all equestrian federations the antidoping rules and regulations became numerous and very complex and the sanctions became more severe.
Specialized lawyers are able to inform clients about their rights and duties, and suggest them the most appropriate expert to consult. This will be very helpful in all the legal situations and trials in which  clients may be involved.

International and national laws regarding hygiene, breeding and breeding farms, transportation are increasing and continuously changing. Clients may definitely have difficult time to interpret these laws, the changes and how to consequently act.

A specialized lawyer will easily identify the current laws and will give the best advice to the client.

In case of accidents, animal mistreatment and death and trials, the lawyer will be able to suggest how to handle such critical situations, including the interaction with the public officials.

The same support will be offered to deal with animal handlers, stable personnel and technicians and trainers. Contracts with foreign personnel may reveal very complex and the wisdom and experience of a very specialized and competent lawyer will be paramount in these situations.

Legal Fees:

Lawyers are aware of the importance of cost control and understand that our clients need to be able to check the activities carried aout as well as the related costs.
We therefore can provide an estimation of the expected costs and a fair indication of the basic time-scale for completion of specific stages of an operation.
To keep clients informed on the legal fees accrued as the matter proceeds, lawyers can issue interim invoices unless otherwise agreed.
Fees are generally calculated in two ways: at an hourly rate adjustable according to the urgency, complexity and value of the matter ( the rates are available on requests ) or using the Official Legal Tariff for lawyers as per Italian Decree of Ministry of Justice of 8 April 2004 n. 127.
As per Italian Law, on top of legal fees the following shall be calculated:
- 12,5% for general expenses reimbursement (fixed by law) and 
- 4% for compulsory national bar pension fund contribution.
On the total legal fees, general expenses reimbursement and pension fund contribution, VAT at the rate of 20% shall apply to EU individuals.
VAT shall not applied at non EU companies and non EU individuals.