Legal consultations.
Equine sales and purchases agreements.
Transport operations.
Import and export.
Identification of the best insurance policy.
Insurance & claims investigations.
Equine Legal issues.
Animal mistreatments.
Forensic investigations.
Necropsy and forensic reports.
Investigations of accidents and deaths.
Evaluation and legal assistance with grooms, trainers, horse and animal owners contracts.
Breeding contracts and agreements.
Expertise on procedures for establishment of  breeding operations. 
Assistance with companies and sport association set up.
National and international sport and racing trials.
Assistance for the  analysis of sample B procedures  in National and International anti-doping  tests wordwide.
Full spectrum of laboratory analysis.
Litigations;  judicial, and trial and pre trial, legal assistance in criminal and civil matters.
Expert witness services.
Financial and Fiscal guidance: tax preparation, business plans, business start-up, tax planning.

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